Decolonisation, Africa, and International Law: Two Frames of Epistemic Violence

The Other Universals consortium will be hosting a webinar with Dr Mohsen al Attar is an Associate Professor at the University of Warwick and a Visiting Lecturer at UCL and Beijing Foreign Studies University.

Dutch Affinities

The CHR is excited to announce Professor of International Relations Theory and African Political Thought, Siba Grovogui, gave a lecture at the Centre for Humanities Research.

Keynote Address: Unpayable Debt

Professor Denise Ferreira da Silva (The University of British Columbia) will be delivering a keynote address “Unpayable Debt” as part of the Other Universals Consortium’s 2022 public engagements on Theorizing Aesthetics and Politics from Postcolonial Locations. Date: Friday, May 20th. Time: 7 pm SAST

Keynote Address: A Prolegomenon towards ukuNqakula as an Aesthetic and Political Location

Professor Thembinkosi Goniwe will be delivering a keynote address “A prolegomenon towards ukuNqakula as an Aesthetic and Political Location” as part of the Other Universals Virtual Institute 2021 inquiry into Aesthetics and Politics on Tuesday, 23 November.

Public Lecture: Brian Friel’s Making History and Colonial Ireland

The CHR in partnership with Zeitz MOCAA invites you to a public lecture by Professor Jane Ohlmeyer.

Keynote Address: The Conjuncture of 1956

Professor David Scott will be delivering a keynote address titled “The Conjecture of 1956” as part of the Other Universals Virtual Institute 2021 inquiry into The Question of the Political: Thinking Difference in the Aftermaths of the Colonial Political Economy.

Stealing Time

Join Prof. Patricia Hayes for “Photographs and the Long Inception of Colonialism in Southern Angola,” a lecture hosted by the Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures (IHGC) at the University of Virginia.

Of Moving and Being Moved: The Subject and the Object in Puppetry and AI

Who am I in relation to what is going on? How can I mobilize questions that matter to me?

The Museum Today with Jane Taylor

Professor Jane Taylor will be giving a zoom talk on the new exhibition of the South African sculptor, Jackson Hlungwani, on ,Thursday 20th August at 6 pm.

A Public Conversation with Mamela Nyamza

Mamela Nyamza is an award-winning artist, choreographer, dancer and performer.

Decolonial Aesthetic Force

Professor Nauman Naqvi

The South African Students’ Organisation and the Black Consciousness Legacy

Dr. Saleem Badat

Video: Soft Thresholds

The CHR in partnership with African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town and UCT School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatic and Wolff Architects hosted a lecture titled Soft Thresholds by practicing architect and educator Rahul Mehrotra.

Lion’s Share: Remaking South African Copyright

A Humanities in Session Lecture by Prof. Veit Erlmann

Testimony and Truth Today

A Humanities in Session Lecture by Proffessor Sara Guyer

Sex and the Profane: FAKA, Abject Erotics, and the Politics of Deviance in post-apartheid South Africa

A Humanities in Session Lecture by Assistant Professor Jordache A. Ellapen

Intellectuals, Politics, Taboos

A Humanities in Session Lecture by Professor Patrick Baert

Visualizing Baldwin

A lecture by Warren Crichlow

The Photography of History: Sally Mann at Antietam

Keynote Lecture at International Workshop

Using Film to Reconnect South Africa to Early Liberation Heroes

A Lecture and Film Screening by Professor Chérif Keita

Soft Thresholds

A Lecture by Rahul Mehrotra

Public Lecture: Elizabeth Giorgis

Professor Giorgis teaches Art Theory and Criticism in the Graduate School of the College of Performing and Visual Art at the Modern Art Museum: Gebre Kristos Desta Center at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.

Public Lecture: South Africa’s Hosting of the 2018 BRICS Summit

Public Lecture hosted by The Centre for Humanities Research and the Department of Political Studies

Collaborative Voices Part 1. Two musicians in Johannesburg in the 1980s:

Please join us for a presentation by Biddy Partridge.

Sexual Violence: Remembering, Representing, Resisting

Dialogue on Troubling Seasons of Hate

Activities of the Chair in Aesthetic Theory and Material Performance

3 – 16 March 2018

Examining Malcolm X

A public lecture by Professor Richard Benson

Jazz and the Politics of Co-Creation

On Friday 23 June, Kelley gives a presentation titled Jazz and the Politics of Co-creation. Hosted by the University of the Western Cape’s Centre for Humanities Research (CHR) […]

Public Lecture: Comparative Political Theory and Global Challenges

Vasileios Syros is a Senior Research Fellow of the Academy of Finland at the Finnish Centre of Political Thought & Conceptual Change.

Public Lecture: Professor Gopal Guru

The formation and practice of Social and Political Theory in the Indian conceptual imagination have, by and large, been a low profile enterprise.

In Service of What? The University’s Contemporary Conundrums: Public Lecture by Catarina Antunes Gomes

This is part of a lecture series on the Idea of the University in Africa.

Lecture Series on the University in Africa: Brian Raftopoulos

“From Rhodes(ia) to Zimbabwe: Rhodes Must Fall, Post-colonial Politics, and University Transformation” Speaker: Brian Raftopoulos (CHR, Senior Researcher) Date: 16 March Venue: Library Auditorium, UWC […]

“The Crisis in Syria”: A Question of Futures’ by Na’eem Jeenah

The Dullah Omar Centre for Critical Thought in African Humanities, a satellite project of the Flagship on Critical Thought in African Humanities based in Athlone, […]