Visualizing Pleasure and Practices of Freedom: A South/North Dialogue

The Jackman Humanities Institute Program for the Arts will be hosting the symposium “Visualizing Pleasure and Practices of Freedom: A South/North Dialogue” in collaboration with the Centre for Humanities Research.

2022 Fellows Welcome

Following on from the first public lecture of 2022 by Jane Ohlmeyer, the CHR welcomed Fellows to the new academic year.

Curating in the Dark

CHR Doctoral Fellow Phokeng Setai was among nine speakers invited to participate in the colloquium BLACK SELF/ a conversation, convened by Ashraf Jamal in partnership with the NIROX Foundation.

Keynote Address: The Conjuncture of 1956

Professor David Scott will be delivering a keynote address titled “The Conjecture of 1956” as part of the Other Universals Virtual Institute 2021 inquiry into The Question of the Political: Thinking Difference in the Aftermaths of the Colonial Political Economy.

Literary Pedagogy: Confronting Colonisation

The CHR invites you to a colloquium on “Literary Pedagogies: Confronting Colonization” to be held at the Centre for Humanities Research on the 20th and 21st February 2020.

KINESIS: Of Moving and Being Moved

Between July 6th and July 10th 2019, the Laboratory of Kinetic Objects (LoKO) at the CHR hosted a colloquium on Subject/Object relations, in an ongoing exploration of Animation, Animism, Thing Theory, the Subject and the Object, Puppetry Arts and performance.

CHR Year-End Colloquium

15 November 2018

Against the Metaphysics of Racial Difference by Siba Grovogui (Cornell University, USA)

Siba Grovogui (Cornell University) presented a lecture titled ‘Against the Metaphysics of Racial Difference’ at On The Subject of Citizenship.

On the Subject of Citizenship: A colloquium marking 20 years since the publication of Mahmood Mamdani’s Citizen and Subject

A colloquium marking 20 years since the publication of Mahmood Mamda-ni’s Citizen and Subject