Visiting Scholars


Jane Ohlmeyer

Trinity College, Dublin


Ian Baucom

Visiting Scholar 2021

Thembinkosi Goniwe

Visiting Scholar 2021

David Scott

Professor of Anthropology at Columbia University


Adom Getachew

Visiting Scholar 2020

Fadi A. Bardawil

Visiting Scholar 2020

Warren Crichlow

York University Toronto, Canada

Rinaldo Walcott

University of Toronto

Cesare Casarino

University of Minnesota

Behrooz Ghamari

Visiting Scholar, 2020

Domietta Torlasco

Associate Professor, Italian and Comparative Literature, Northwestern University

Souleymane Bachir Diagne

Visiting Scholar 2020


Steve Ouma Akoth

Kenyatta University

Dr. Thomas Asher

Columbia World Projects, Columbia University


Warren Crichlow

York University Toronto, Canada

Shawn Michelle Smith

Professor of Visual and Critical Studies at School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Samer Frangie

Director of the Center for Arab and Middle East Studies at the American University of Beirut

Michal Kobialka

Theatre historian and scholar

Rinaldo Walcott

University of Toronto

Elizabeth Giorgis

Professor of Theory and Criticism at College of Performing and Visual Art

Aaron Kamugisha

University of the West Indies

David Scott

Professor of Anthropology at Columbia University


Brinda Bose

 Brinda Bose Brinda Bose teaches in the Department of English, Hindu College, Delhi University, and is co-director of the Centre for Feminist Legal Research, New Delhi. […]

Jan De Vos

 Jan De Vos Jan De Vos, MA in psychology and PhD in philosophy works as a postdoctoral researcher (FWO)at the department of Philosophy and Moral […]

Homi Bhabha

 Homi Bhabha Homi K. Bhabha is an Indian English scholar and critical theorist. He is the Anne F. Rothenberg Professor of English and American Literature and […]

Gayatri Spivak

 Gayatri Spivak Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak is an Indian scholar, literary theorist, and feminist critic.[1]She is University Professor at Columbia University, where she is a founding member of the Institute for Comparative […]


Karuna Mantena

 Karuna Mantena Karuna Mantena is Associate Professor of Political Science. She holds a BSc(Econ) in International Relations from the London School of Economics (1995), an […]

Siba Grovogui

 Siba Grovogui Grovogui is a professor of international relations theory and law.

Mahmood Mamdani

 Mahmood Mamdani Professor Mamdani received his PhD from Harvard University and taught at the University of Dar-esSalaam. He is the founding director of the Centre […]

Achille Mbembe

 Achille Mbembe Professor Achille Mbembe, born in Cameroon, obtained his Ph.D in History at the Sorbonne in Paris in 1989 and a D.E.A. in Political […]

Jigna Desai

 Jigna Desai Jigna Desai is Assistant Professor of Women's Studies at the University of Minnesota. She lives in Minneapolis.

Paul Landau

 Paul Landau Professor Paul Landau is based in the History Department at the University of Maryland at College Park, and has published numerous articles and […]

Emily Landau

 Emily Landau Dr Emily Landau is a scholar who works on race, class and gender in the southern United States, and her recent work looks […]

Judith Butler

 Judith Butler Judith Butler is Maxine Elliot Professor in the Department of Comparative Literature and the Program of Critical Theory at the University of California, […]

Wendy Brown

 Wendy Brown Professor Brown's fields of interest include the history of political theory, nineteenth and twentieth century Continental theory, critical theory and theories of contemporary […]

Jacob Tropp

Professor of History and John Spencer Professor of African Studies at Middlebury College, Vermont (USA)


Qadri Ismail

Visiting Scholar, 2015

Na’eem Jennah

 Na’eem Jennah Na’eem Jeenah is the executive director of the Afro-Middle East Centre, a research institute based in Johannesburg.

James Ogude

 Dr James Ogude Professor Ogude obtained his B.Ed (Hons) and MA from Nairobi University and his PhD in African Literature from the University of the […]

Helena Pohlandt-McCormick

 Helena Pohlandt-McCormick Helena Pohlandt-McCormick is a professor of history at the University of Minnesota. She spent most of her childhood in South Africa and Namibia. […]

Karen Brown

 Karen Brown Karen Brown is Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change (ICGC), where she directs a number of international and […]

Ute Holl

 Ute Holl Ute Holl had worked as filmmaker and commissioning editor in Hamburg, Germany, before writing her dissertation on cinematic perception, anthropological filmmaking and cybernetics as […]

Durba Mitra

 Durba Mitra Durba Mitra is Assistant Professor of Women, Gender, and Sexuality and Carol K. Pforzheimer Assistant Professor at the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard University. […]

Cesare Casarino

University of Minnesota

Hassan el Geretly

 Hassan el Geretly After graduating from drama, literature, and multimedia schools in the UK and in France, Hassan El Geretly worked first as an actor, […]

Tina Schouw

 Tina Schouw Tina Schouw is a singer/ songwriter /musician and author. Her song writing is an eclectic blend of musical styles, which includes jazz, folk, […]

John Mowitt

 John Mowitt Professor John Mowitt holds the Leadership Chair in the Critical Humanities in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies […]

Sanil V

 Dr Sanil Viswanathan Nair Professor Dr Sanil Viswanathan Nair (preferred: Sanil V.) is Professor of Philosophy at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian […]


Jon Soske

 Jon Soske Professor Jon Soske is Professor of Modern African History at the University of Toronto, Canada. He received a MA in Comparative Literature from […]

Souleymane Bachir Diagne

Visiting Scholar 2020

Nivedita Menon

 Nivedita Menon Professor Nivedita Menon is Professor in the Centre for Comparative Politics & Political Theory, School of International Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) […]

Adam Sitze

 Adam Sitze Associate Professor A MacArthur Scholar from 1996 to 2003 at the University of Minnesota, Adam Sitze is currently Associate Professor of Law, Jurisprudence […]

Timothy Campbell

 Timothy Campbell Professor Timothy Campbell is Professor of Italian in the Department of Romance Studies at Cornell University, New York. In addition to authoring Wireless […]

Mu-chou Poo

 Mu-chou Poo Professor Professor Poo has worked and taught at Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan University, University of California, Columbia University, Grinnell College, and is now […]

Alejandro Castillejo-Cuéllar

 Alejandro Castillejo-Cuéllar Associate Professor Alejandro Castillejo-Cuéllar is currently Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Anthropology at the Universidad de los Andes (University of […]

G Arunima

 Arunima Gopinath Associate Professor Arunima (Arunima Gopinath) is Associate Professor of Women’s Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in New Delhi, and currently a Fellow […]


Simona Sawhney

 Simona Sawhney Simona Sawhney received her PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Irvine, where she wrote my PhD dissertation under the supervision […]

Michael Neocosmos

Michael Neocosmos Professor Professor Michael Neocosmos is the  Director of the Unit for the Humanities at Rhodes University. Professor Neocosmos graduated B.Sc. (1972, Loughborough University, […]

David Scott

Professor of Anthropology at Columbia University

Partha Chatterjee

 Partha Chatterjee Political Theorist and Historian Partha Chatterjee is a political theorist and historian. He studied at Presidency College in Calcutta, and received his Ph.D. […]

Naomi Scheman

 Naomi Scheman Professor Naomi Scheman is Professor of Philosophy and Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies at the University of Minnesota in the USA. She is […]

Marissa Moorman

 Marissa Moorman Assistant Professor Marissa Moorman is an Assistant Professor in the Department of History and the African Studies Program at Indiana University. An historian […]

Dag Henrichsen

 Dag Henrichsen Historian Dag Henrichsen is a Namibian historian and archivist based at the Basler Afrika Bibliographien (BAB) in Switzerland, and a part-time lecturer in […]

Richa Nagar

 Richa Nagar Professor Richa Nagar is currently Professor of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Minnesota. Working at the nexus of transnational […]


Ina Kerner

Ina Kerner Ina Kerner is a political theorist and Assistant Professor at the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies on Women and Gender at the Technical University […]

Tanja Petrovic

Tanja Petrovic Tanja Petrović is a linguist and anthropologist. She is interested in uses and meanings of socialist and Yugoslav heritage and cultural identity in […]

Isabel Hofmeyr

Isabel Hofmeyr Isabel Hofmeyr is Professor of African Literature. Her research interests include postcolonialism; African literature; Southern African literary studies; oral history and literature; John […]

Isabelle De Rezende

Isabelle De Rezende Isabelle De Rezende earned a Ph.D. in History at the University of Michigan. Her current research considers aesthetics and perception with regard […]

Javed Majeed

Javed Majeed From 1981 to 1984 Professor Javed Majeed read English Language and Literature at Magdalen College Oxford, in which he was awarded a First.  […]

Martina Rieker

Martina Rieker Martina Rieker is the Director of the Institute for Gender and Women’s Studies at the American University in Cairo. Previously she served as […]

Hamit Borzaslan

Dr. Hamit Bozarslani Dr. Hamit Bozarslan is an Associate Professor at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris. He is author of the […]

Behrooz Ghamari

Visiting Scholar, 2020

Teena Purohit

Teena Purohit A scholar of South Asian religions with specialties in Muslim and Hindu devotional literature, religious identity formation, and modern Islam, Purohit’s particular interests […]

Ajay Skaria

Ajay Skaria Ajay Skaria is professor of history at the University of Minnesota. He is the author of Hybrid Histories: Forests, Frontiers, and Wildness in Western […]

Jacques Depelchin

Dr. Jacques Depelchin is a committed intellectual, academic, and activist for peace, democracy, transparency and pro-people politics in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Sanjay Krishnan

Sanjay Krishnan Sanjay Krishnan received his PhD from Columbia University, with a specialization in postcolonial literature and theory. He is currently working on how literary texts […]

Johannes Fabian

Johannes Fabian Professor Johannes Fabian is professor emeritus of cultural anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. His books include Out of Our Minds: Reason and Madness […]