Michael Aird

 Michael Aird

University of California, Berkeley

Michael Aird is Director of the University of Queensland Anthropology Museum and ARC Research Fellow. He has worked in the area of Aboriginal arts and cultural heritage since 1985, maintaining an interest in documenting aspects of urban Aboriginal history and culture. He has curated over 30 exhibitions, including Portraits of Our Elders (1993), a Queensland Museum travelling exhibition; Transforming Tindale (2012), at the State Library of Queensland; and Captured: Early Brisbane Photographers and Their Aboriginal Subjects (2014), at the Museum of Brisbane. In 1996 he established Keeaira Press, an independent publishing house producing over 35 books. Other publications he has contributed to include Photography’s Other Histories (2003), edited by Christopher Pinney and Nicolas Peterson; Calling the Shots: Aboriginal Photographies (2014), edited by Jane Lydon; and the art Gallery of New South Wales exhibition catalogue The photograph and Australia (2015), edited by Judy Annear.

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