Nsima Udo

Fellow: Visual History, PhD

Udo is a PhD fellow on Visual History and Theory. He is developing a research trajectory that examines different aspects of African indigenous cultures, festivals and performance in history, and their sociocultural complexities and the symbolisms in relation to sociality, gender attitude, ethics, aesthetics and vocation, and their mediations with contemporary discourses.   His MA thesis, “Visualizing the body: photographic clues and the cultural fluidity of mbopo institution, 1914 -2014” won the African Thesis Award, 2019, an esteemed international award hosted by the Africa Study Centre, University of Leiden, the Netherlands.

His doctoral research focuses on the performance of popular cultural festival: The Calabar Festival and Carnival in Cross River State, Nigeria – in relation to its historical, cultural, political, economic and affective representations.

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Visualizing the body: photographic clues and the cultural fluidity of Mbopo institution 1914-2014

The CHR warmly congratulated Doctoral Fellow Nsima Udo on the publication of his MA thesis as a monograph.

African Critical Inquiry Programme Announces 2020 Ivan Karp Doctoral Research Award

Our warm congratulations to CHR doctoral fellow, Nsima Udo for being named recipient of the African Critical Inquiry Programme’s 2020 Ivan Karp Doctoral Research Award for his doctoral project, “The Politics of Aesthetics and Performance: Visuality and the Remaking of Culture in the Calabar Festival and Carnival, 2004-2019.” A fantastic achievement!

Nsima Udo Wins Africa Thesis Award

Nsima Udo, CHR Doctoral Fellow with the SARChI Chair in Visual History and Theory wins prestigious Africa Thesis Award from the African Studies Centre of the University of Leiden in The Netherlands.

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