Kiasha Naidoo

Fellow: Department of Philosophy, Honours

Kiasha holds a BA in Political Science, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) from the University of Stellenbosch and is currently pursuing an honours degree in Philosophy at the University of the Western Cape, where she is also a Fellow of the Centre for Humanities Research (CHR). Kiasha has a broad range of interests relating to issues in political and social philosophy. She is particularly interested in assessing our understanding of concepts such as ‘justice’, ‘freedom’ and ‘equality’ as they are used in politico-economic texts. This is in order to rethink and reorient these concepts while considering the (con)textual features in which they are enshrouded.

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May Graduation 2021

The CHR is proud to announce the graduation of fellows Dr Emma Minkley, Dr Shingirai Nyakabawu, Leslé Ann Arendse, and Kiasha Naidoo.

Re-Centring Afro Asia Conference

The CHR presented a panel with the Centres’ Patricia Hayes, Luis Gimenez and Kiasha Naidoo, chaired by Ross Truscott discussing the possibilities and approaches to the invocation of the precolonial at the recently convened Afro-Asia Conference.

Neoliberalism’s last breath: thinking politico-economic well-being during and beyond COVID-19

The CHR is delighted to announce the publication of honours fellow, Kiasha Naidoo’s latest journal article “ Neoliberalism’s last breath: thinking politico-economic well-being during and beyond COVID-19” in Revista de Filosofie Aplicată.

The CHR fellowship programme will continue in 2021 primarily through online platforms. Regulations permitting, the CHR plans to host limited live events in compliance with current COVID-19 protocols. Please follow our events page for updates about seminars, workshops, and arts events.

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