400      25 February: Suren Pilllay (CHR, UWC), Migrating violence: Community, citizenship and belonging in post-apartheid South Africa

401      11 March: Desiree Lewis (Women’s and Gender Studies, UWC), Politics, freedoms and spirituality in Alaa Al Aswany’s Yacoubian Building

402      25 March: John Soske (History Department, McGill University), The impossible concept: A genealogy of the non-racial. Discussant: Andries du Toit (PLAAS, UWC)

403      1 April: Okechukwu Nwafor (CHR, UWC & Dept of Fine and Applied Art, Nnamdi Azikiwe University), The superfluous image: Obituary Photographs in South-Eastern Nigeria and the allure of public visibility

404      8 April: Lance van Sittert (Dept of Historical Studies, University of Cape Town), Writing on skin: The entangled embodied histories of black labour and livestock registration in the Cape colony, c. 1860-1909

405      15 April: Luise White (History Dept, University of Florida), “The last good white man left”: Rhodesia, Rhonasia, and the decolonisation of British Africa

406      6 May: Mari Ruti (University of Toronto), The ethics of precarity: Judith Butler’s reluctant universalism

407      13 May: Nadia Davids (author), In conversation with Imraan Coovadia (Dept of English, University of Cape Town) (no paper)

408      20 May: Nancy Rose Hunt (History Dept, University of Michigan), Motion, and a nervous state

409      10 June: António Tomás (Makerere Institute of Social Research), Cabral and the postcolony: postcolonial readings of revolutionary hopes. Discussant: Carlos Fernandes (History Dept, UWC)

410      22 July: Michael Neocosmos (Unit for the Humanities, Rhodes University), Constructing the domain of freedom: thinking politics at a distance from the state

411      29 July: Wilma King (History Dept, University of Missouri), Freedom’s Struggle, Struggle for Freedom: Children in the Movements for Civil and Human Rights in the United States and South Africa, 1940-1990. Discussant: Helena Pohlandt-McCormick (University of Minnesota)

412      12 August: Adam Sitze (Amherst College), Between Study and Revolt: Further notes on emergency continued

413      19 August: Ciraj Rassool (History Dept, UWC), Re-storing the Skeletons of Empire: Return, Reburial and Rehumanisation in Southern Africa. Discussant: Nikki Rousseau (History Dept, UWC)

414      26 August: Bernard Dubbleld (Stellenbosch University), The future of home: housing projects in Glendale, KwaZulu-Natal

415      9 September: Premesh Lalu (CHR, UWC), The Trojan Horse and the Becoming Technical of the Human (cancelled)

416      16 September: Roger Field (Dept of English, UWC), Freud, Said and the Ancient and Classical Worlds. Discussant: Paige Sweet (CHR, UWC)

417      23 September: John Peffer (Ramapo College), Painting in the vernacular. Discussant: Rael Sally (Michaelis School of Art, UCT)

418      30 September: Etienne Smith (International Affairs Division & Europe-Africa Program, Sciences Po), Contested knowledge and cultural affirmation in French West Africa: African voices in the Bulletin De L’Enseignementen AOF (1913-1958). Discussant: Maurits van Bever Donker (CHR, UWC)

419      7 October: Katarina Jungar and Salla Peltonen (Hanken University), The politics of mapping: Homonationalism through African homophobia in Swedish media. Discussant: Zethu Mathabeni (UCT) and Melanie Judge (UWC)

420      14 October: Patricia Hayes (History Dept, UWC), Taxing subjects: Colonial systems and African publics in the union of South Africa and northern Namiba, 1929-46. Discussant: Suren Pillay (CHR, UWC)

421      28 October: David Gordon (Bowdoin College), Violence and Colonialism: Reconsidering the Congo Free State, 1885-1908

422      4 November: Isabelle de Rezende (Dept of History, UWC), “…So the eye is surprised by the sudden appearance of a strange colour:” ‘photographic desire,’ anxiety, and knowledge in the texts of nineteenth century imperial explorers in Central Africa

423      11 November: Alejandro Castillejo-Cuéllar (University of the Andes, Bogotá), After the traces of the body: Violence, ethnography and the judicial encounter in Colombia

Sep 1, 2015

Seminars 2014

400      25 February: Suren Pilllay (CHR, UWC), Migrating violence: Community, citizenship and belonging in post-apartheid […]
Sep 1, 2015

Seminars 2013

374      12 February: Geraldine Frieslaar (CHR, UWC) & Olusegun Morakinyo (Robben Island Museum), The UWC-Robben […]
Sep 1, 2015

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