May 31, 2021

List of Articles (2016-present)

Staff and Fellows of the Centre for Humanities Research regularly publish articles and reviews in local and international journals, applying the centre’s intellectual inquiries across a wide range of disciplines and interests.
Dec 7, 2020

The CHR warmly congratulates Michelle Smith

The CHR warmly congratulates Michelle Smith, convenor of national and international partnerships, for graduating with a PhD in History from the University of Fort Hare. Dr Smith's dissertation is titled, "Ruin, Remains, Frame: Visual images of community, culture and race in three Eastern Cape Museums in South Africa".
Aug 12, 2020


Exodus, Movement, a/the People: Critical Thinking and the Collective

The CHR fellowship programme will continue in 2022 through online platforms and, where permitted, limited live events hosted in compliance with COVID-19 protocols. Please follow our events page for updates about events.

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