February 15, 2019

Bruce Lee, Steve Biko, Dollar Brand: Brothers with imperfect timing or everybody was Kung-Fu fighting

Professor Premesh Lalu
January 11, 2019

Thinking across hemispheres: Further notes on oversights and blind spots in disciplinary African Studies

New Publication by Professor Premesh Lalu
October 15, 2018

Charlotte Maxeke: A celebrated and neglected figure in South African history

Thozama April
October 9, 2018

Peace versus Justice? The Dilemma of Transitional Justice in Africa

Edited by Suren Pillay and Chandra Lakha
October 9, 2018

Uncontained: Opening the Community Arts Project Archive

Edited by Heidi Grunebaum and Emile Maurice
October 9, 2018

‘Progress’ in Zimbabwe: The Past and Present of a Concept and a Country

Edited by Brian Raftopoulos, David Moore, and Norma Kriger
October 9, 2018

The burden of art historical memory and the archival interventions of a artist

George Emeka Agbo
October 9, 2018

A Question of Place

Heidi Grunebaum
October 4, 2018

What We See: Reconsidering an Anthropometrical Collection from Southern Africa – Images, Voices, and Versioning

Anette Hoffman
October 4, 2018

Dams, Displacement, and the Delusion of Development: Cahora Bassa and Its Legacies in Mozambique, 1965-2007

Allen F. Isaacman, Barbara S. Isaacman
October 4, 2018

Gender and Colonialism. a History of Kaoko in North-Western Namibia 1870s-1950s

Lorena Rizzo, with introduction by Patricia Hayes
October 4, 2018

In Step with the Times: Mapiko Masquerades of Mozambique

Paolo Israel