374      12 February: Geraldine Frieslaar (CHR, UWC) & Olusegun Morakinyo (Robben Island Museum), The UWC-Robben Island Museum Mayibuye Archives and the African Programme in Museum and Heritage Studies (APMHS) in the nexus of Public Historical Scholarship. Discussant: Helena Pohlandt-McCormick (University of Minnesota)

375      19 February: Dag Henrichsen (Basler Afrika Bibliographien) in collaboration with the South African Empire workshop, The travels of Hans Schinz in south-western Africa (1884-1886): Biological transfer and the professionalisation and popularisation of (African) botany in Zurich. Discussant: Shirley Brooks (UWC)

376      26 February: Phindezwa Mnyaka (CHR, UWC), Pursuits of a heroic vision and the ambivalence of the photographic field: Joseph Denfield’s treks through Nigeria and Basutoland, 1944-1958. Discussant: Lorena Rizza (UWC/University of Basel)

377      26 March: Paige Sweet (CHR, UWC), Unauthorised Appropriations: Anxieties of Creative Surplus. Discussant: Herman Wittenberg (UWC)

378      9 April: Sarah V Melton (Emory University), The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and the Challenges of a Global Public History of Apartheid. Discussant: Noëleen Murray (UWC)

379      16 April: Helena Pohlandt-McCormick (CHR, University of Minnesota), Taking Risks in the Post-Colonial Archive: Towards a Post-Colonial Thinking of the Archive.  Discussant: Ciraj Rassool (UWC)

380      23 April: Diane Detournay (CHR, UWC), Feminism, Racial Difference and the Category of Women: The Civilisational Architecture of Women’s Human Rights and Transnational Feminism. Discussant: Desiree Lewis (UWC)

381      30 April: Giacomo Loperfido (CHR, UWC), Crisis and the changing parameters of social existence: Xenophobia as a side-effect of systemic reorganisation. Discussant: Laurence Piper (UWC)

382      7 May: Alan Mabin (University of the Witwatersrand), Debating ‘southern theory’ and cities of the south (and the north) of the world: Conceptual problems, issues of method and empirical research. Discussant: Ruchi Chaturvedi (UWC)

383      14 May: Roger Field (English Dept, UWC) The Classics, mythology and African Literature. Discussant: Mark Hermans (UWC)

384      21 May: Ross Truscott (CHR, UWC), Oedipus and the post-apartheid nation: A South African story of disavowal. Discussant: Tammy Shefer (UWC)

385      16 July: G. Arunima (Centre for Women’s Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University), Intimate portraits: Sunil Gupta, Dayanita Singh, and experiments with the photographic image. Discussant Heike Behrend (Berlin)

386      23 July: Marissa Moorman (History Department, Indiana University), Radio Remediated: La Vie Sur Terre and Moolaadé. Discussant Patricia Hayes (UWC)

387      30 July: John and Jean Comaroff (African and African-American Studies, & Anthropology, Harvard University), The Return of Khulekani Khumalo, Zombie Captive: Identity, Law, and Paradoxes of Personhood in the Postcolony. Discussant: Premesh Lalu (CHR, UWC)

388      6 August: Carlos Fernandes (CHR, UWC), ‘We Shall Never Forget!’ – The Politics of ‘Organised Remembrance’ and State Legitimization in Post-colonial Mozambique: The History Workshop (1980-1986). Discussant Ciraj Rassool (UWC)

389      13 August: Naomi Scheman (Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies Department, University of Minnesota), The “extraordinary ordinary” and notes towards Stones, Stories, and the Twenty-first Century Research University: A provocation. Discussant Paige Sweet (UWC)

390      20 August: Premesh Lalu (CHR, UWC), The absent centre: human capital, nationalism and the postcolonial critique of apartheid. Discussant: Paolo Israel (UWC)

391      27 August: Richa Nagar (University of Minnesota), Five truths of story telling and coauthorship in feminist alliance work. Discussant: Naomi Scheman (University of Minnesota)

392      10 September: Maurits van Bever Donker (CHR, UWC), On the limit of community: coming to terms with apartheid’s grounds. Discussant: Ross Trusscott (CHR, UWC)

393      17 September: Marijke du Toit (Historical Studies, University of KwaZulu-Natal), “Anginayongishoindibilishi!” The Gender Politics of “Native welfare” in Durban, 1930-1939. Discussant: Siphokazi Sambumbu (CHR, UWC)

394      1 October: Ciraj Rassool (History Department, UWC), District Six Revisited. (This seminar was presented in partnership with the African Programme in Museum and Heritage studies (UWC and Robben Island Museum). Discussant: Shaun Viljoen (Stellenbosch University)

395      8 October: Anna Selmeczi (UWC and University of Fort Hare), Dis/placing political illiteracy. Discussant: Bernard Dubbeld (Stellenbosch University)

396      15 October: Victoria J. Collis-Buthelezi (English Department, UCT), Carribean Regionalism, South Africa and Redefining New World Studies. Discussant: Maurits van Bever Donker (CHR, UWC)

397      22 October: Rob Gordon (Department of Anthropology, University of Vermont, and University of the Free State), Mary and Max in the Mongu Masquerade: Gluckman’s fieldwork adventures in Loziland. Discussant: Andrew Bank (UWC)

398      29 October: Leslie Witz (History Department, UWC), Hunting for Museums. Discussant: Shirley Brookes (UWC)

399      5 November: A documentary film by Mark J. Kaplan & Heidi Grunebaum, “The Village under the forest – When greening is an act of obliteration”, followed by a Q & A session with the director and scriptwriter

Sep 1, 2015

Seminars 2013

374      12 February: Geraldine Frieslaar (CHR, UWC) & Olusegun Morakinyo (Robben Island Museum), The UWC-Robben Island Museum Mayibuye Archives and the African Programme in Museum […]
Sep 1, 2015

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