Dec 13, 2018

CHR Year-End Colloquium

15 November 2018
Sep 28, 2018

Ife and Bilal Performance

1 & 2 October, Theatre Arts Admin Collective
Aug 2, 2018


New Performance by Ukwanda Puppetry Collective
Mar 5, 2018

Sexual Violence: Remembering, Representing, Resisting

Dialogue on Troubling Seasons of Hate
Feb 2, 2018

Ne’er So Much The Ape

The CHR invites you to a performance of Ne’er So Much The Ape, a work produced, directed and written by Professor Jane Taylor, and performed by Jane Taylor, Tony Miyambo and Terry Norton .
Nov 24, 2016

From Mozambique to the Cape: Performance Encounters in Music, Masks, Movement, Poetry and Painting

Nov 2, 2016

Tribute to Emile Maurice

The CHR fellowship programme will continue in 2022 through online platforms and, where permitted, limited live events hosted in compliance with COVID-19 protocols. Please follow our events page for updates about events.

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