Oscillations: Sonic Inquiries and Practices

On Vibrational Architecture

Keynote Address: Gascia Ouzounian

DATE: Wednesday 13 September 2023

TIME: 3:30pm – 5:00pm

Greatmore Humanities Hub
66 Greatmore Street
Entrance on Regent Road

Gascia Ouzounian is a sonic theorist and practitioner whose work explores sound in relation to space, architecture, urbanism, and violence. She is associate professor of music at the University of Oxford, where she leads the European Research Council-funded project Sonorous Cities: Towards as Sonic Urbanism (soncities.org). Ouzounian is the author of Stereophonica: Sound and Space in Science, Technology, and the Arts (MIT Press 2021), and has contributed numerous articles to leading journals of music, visual art, and architecture. These cover a range of topics, from sonic memories of the Armenian Genocide to sound in radical Black arts traditions to ‘counterlistening’ and women in sound art. Recent projects include Scoring the City, which takes inspiration from the graphic score and other unconventional notations in experimental music to develop new modes of ‘urban scoring’ (scoring.city); and Acoustic Cities: London & Beirut, which brought together ten artists in creating works that explore the sonic, social, and spatial conditions of two cities.