Masterclass with Neils Pagh Anderson

On 3 April, 2023, Neils Pagh Anderson joined editors, filmmakers, and CHR fellows for a masterclass in editing at Bertha House, Mowbray. Facilitated by CHR PhD fellow and independent editor and filmmaker, Khalid Shamis, this one-day workshop is now available via the link below.

Niels Pagh Andersen. Masterclass. Bertha House, Cape Town. 3rd April 2023 on Vimeo

The art of editing documentaries is a craft that is often neglected, despite its proven importance to the success of creative documentaries and their global distribution. Strong documentaries start with strong filmmakers and film communities, and one of the strengths of the documentary industry is the willingness to collaborate and share knowledge when infrastructures for exchange are established and supported.

In the Nordic countries the vital role of the editor is acknowledged as co-creator of a film. This combined with a tradition for regional collaboration contributes to the international success of Nordic docs. To create a foundation for knowledge exchange and discussions at the network meetings Niels uses the book ‘Order in Chaos’ to understand better editing practices and to engage with local filmmakers about their own methods and experiences.

This masterclass was followed by a screening of ‘The Look of Silence’ (2014).

Niels’ South African series of masterclasses, engagements and screenings was brought together by Centre for humanities research at University of the Western Cape, WESGRO, The Goethe Institute, UCT Film & Media Studies, DFA, DocLove & DocShare, Uhuru productions, Surplus Radical Bookstore, The Bioscope, Bertha House and Rough Cut Lab Africa, RCLA.