Kitso Lynn Lelliott

Fellow: Artist in Residence

Kitso Lynn Lelliott’s practice moves between video installation, film and writing. She is preoccupied with enunciations from spaces beyond epistemic power and the crisis such epistemically disobedient articulations cause to hegemony. Her work interrogates the ‘real’ as it is shaped through contesting epistemologies, their narratives and the form these took over the Atlantic during the formative episode that shaped the modern age. Her work is an enactment of enunciating from elision and between historically subjugated subjectivities, privileging South-South relations in relation to yet imaginatively and epistemologically unmediated by the Global North. In 2017 she was laureate of the Iwalewahaus art award and was a featured guest artist at The Flaherty Seminar 2018. In 2019 Lelliott won the NIHSS award for best visual arts. She was an artists in residence with the Cité internationale des arts in Paris in 2019 and is currently a Mellon artist in residence with the Centre for Humanities Research at the UWC.

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‘To dream a more livable place…a performance in anticipation’ – Kitso Lelliot

Kitso Lelliot’s exhibition, ‘To dream a more livable place…a performance in anticipation’, will be staged as part of this year’s Winter School Programme.

The Humanities in Session with Kitso Lelliott

The CHR’s A.W.Mellon Artist in Residence in Image and postdoctoral fellow, Kitso Lelliott was invited by the Kunstverein Braunschweig , Germany to create a work of video installations for the exhibition, THE FACULTY OF SENSING – Thinking With, Through, and by Anton Wilhelm Amo.

The CHR congratulates, Artist in Residence, Kitso Lynn Lelliott on the opening of her Mancoba exhibition in Sweden.

Kitso Lelliot is an Andrew W. Mellon Artist in Residence at the Centre for Humanities Research. The show is at The Södertälje Konsthall and will run from the 7th March until the 10th of May.