• Derek Gripper & Reza Khota Rehearsal

    In preparation for their upcoming show at this year’s CHCI meeting at the Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, the duo revisit their Kora based transcriptions/arrangements. Here is a video preview of their first rehearsal and what to expect in the concert.

    The rehearsal begins with a conversation on learning, practice and the joy of playing. Derek, a long time practitioner of Montessori methods in his guitar tuition, muses on the idea that through the constant repetition of a musical phrase with different permutations, one is able to digest the music in a deeper way. A way which enables improvisation. In his recent work on Bach, Gripper discusses how he is applying this same approach of learning Kora music to the work of Bach. Khota concurs and the duo continue the conversation with guitars in hand.

    Derek Gripper & Reza Khota’s performance is scheduled for the 10th of August in the Dolphin Room.

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