Rithuli Orlen

Rithuli Orleyn

Fellow: Department of History, PhD

Rithuli Orleyn’s meditations on race & racism have been published on platforms such as Mail & Guardian, The Con, Sunday Tribune and others. He is a cultural education activist in Soweto. He does this work through the Blackhouse Kollective outfit– a home for Black Consciousness & Pan Africanists thought. He holds a Masters degree (in creative writing) from Rhodes University, is a PhD candidate in History at UWC and a fellow at the Centre for Humanities Research. He has also been invited to share his activism work on national radio and television platforms and has had the pleasure of working with Maldonado-Torres and his Rutgers Advanced Institute for Critical Caribbean Studies. Rithuli’s approach to history, narrative and archive seeks to comb for ancestral memory meanings that fell through the cracks of authorial and official record. His interest in foregrounding autochthonous cognitive frames and their sensibilities, in history production, hopes to re-curate the public record and help re-memory the official archive from a place of silenced perspectives.