The writing for healing research program aims to create spaces for healing of individuals and communities expressing themselves through writing and to advocate for literacy for young and old. The program acknowledges the fact that most South Africans has been damaged by the past. This reality applies to authors as well because the power of words can damage nations and fuel anger and violence. Writers will be accompanied in their creative writing journey to produce books with life giving content in the writing for healing program. The research will help to understand the reasons for illiteracy and poor performance of our learners in schools and higher institutions of learning and what methodologies can be applied to address the challenges.

This unique research program allow young and old to address illiteracy issue within their community and to address the finding through creative writing program. For an example, the group of high school learners will be encouraged to discuss, do research to better understand it, interview others around them so to understand more perspectives, and address their own emotions towards the issue. The exploration will then culminate in the creation of book clubs in school encouraging students to address illiteracy. The senior members of our communities will be engaged in “Reading for Change” initiatives that will encourage them to be the voice for literacy in their own families. The Writing for Healing program not only allows participants to practice emotional openness and connecting with others, but also gives them the opportunity to cultivate their writing skills and help advocating for literacy in schools and in their communities. This research program will allow members to collect data as to learn more about illiteracy and themselves, which in turn allows them, raise awareness within the community. The research process is one of learning as well as teaching.