Lindokuhle Mandyoli

Fellow: Department of Political Studies, PhD candidate

My name is Lindokuhle Mandyoli. I was born in the former industrial township of Dimbaza in King William’s Town. I am a person interested in the interactions of human beings, their relationship with nature and how this has developed over the years to construct this reality that we call life today. My commitment to myself is to never stop learning and never stop being teachable. Hence, my life’s experience informs my curiosity, not only to understand my reality but the interconnectedness of humanity.

My research interests are around questions of modern political society – with a focus on the evolution of the South African state in particular – and how Africa can (re)- imagine a social order without the contradictions imposed by the capital/colonial relation. My method of inquiry is in the historical materialist tradition, which I believe gives me great insight into the genesis of most of Africa and the world’s problems. Once we identify the true cause of our problems, we can then be closer to finding viable and long lasting solutions. Hence, my scholarly mission is to contribute to this journey, even in the most marginal way.

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