Kate Highman is an Andrew Mellon postdoctoral fellow and is working on the history and politics of English Literature as a university discipline in South Africa, focusing on Historically Black Institutions. Prior to joining the CHR, Kate held an NRF postdoctoral fellowship on ‘Plagiarism, Copyright and Cultural Ownership in South African letters’, a project that emerged out of her PhD work, completed at the University of York (UK), on debates about plagiarism and cultural ownership in South Africa. Together with Dr Paige Sweet (CHR affiliate) she continues to run a collaborative project on ‘The Politics of the Copy’ (https://thepoliticsofthecopy.wordpress.com) which explores how issues of ownership, authorship, intellectual property, knowledge production and access, and race intersect in the global south. Broadly her interests are in postcolonial book history, literary institutions, and critical pedagogy. She has taught at Rhodes University, the University of York, Stellenbosch University, the University of Cape Town and the University of the Western Cape.