Jessica Glaesar

Fellow: Department of Foreign Languages, PhD

Jessica Glaeser is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Foreign Languages at the University of the Western Cape. She completed her Master’s degree in French which explored African Francophone Literature with specific reference to the works of the Cameroonian female novelist, Calixthe Beyala, who focuses on the predicament of the African female. Jessica’s interest is high in exploring the intersection between African actuality and fiction as evidenced in the writings of African Francophone female authors.

In 2016, Ms Glaeser spent 8 months in France as an assistant teacher at Lycée Félix-Faure and she is currently a French Associate Lecturer in the French department at UWC. Her experience in working with students over the last 4 years has attained high past rates as a result of her flair to inspire students to take an interest in the French language.