Derilene Marco

Fellow: Postdoctoral

Dee Marco is an AW Mellon postdoctoral fellow at the CHR. Dee completed her PhD in the Film and Television Studies department at Warwick University in the UK in 2015. Her research is concerned with articulations of the past in the present as seen in fiction films about South Africa’s history and the various characters who inhabit that place. Her PhD thesis, titled “Films about South Africa: 1987 – 2014: Representations of ‘The Rainbow'”, investigated the ways in which trauma and memory, as residual structures of feeling, live alongside sensibilities of the present and post-1994 past in South Africa, seen in pre-emergent and emergent structures of feeling. Drawing on interdisciplinary modes of thinking, Dee is invested in trying to explore theory, methodology and ways of ‘doing’ and being in post-colonial (and post-apartheid) cultural spaces and places. Her research interests span some of the following areas: postcolonial feminist studies, race and representation, screen and / as memory projects, engaging post— versions of nationhood and belonging, processes of historiography, trauma and screen studies (outside of a purely psychoanalytic approach), postcolonial probings, ways of being and sensibilities of post-apartheid and post-apartheid visual culture.