Bosky Dell, Simonstown, Cape Town, 26 & 27 November

The Programme on the Study of the Humanities in Africa (PSHA) provides a forum in which postdoctoral fellows and doctoral candidates in the PSHA and its affiliated research platforms are able to present central questions that emerged in the course of their research.

The central theme of the 2013 PSHA annual colloquium was ‘Reading the Contours of the Humanities in Africa’. The colloquium was a scene of lively discussion and debate around questions as diverse as ‘Authors and Afterlives’, ‘The Diseased Native’, ‘African Modernity and Nationalism’, the ‘Displaced Dreams of Psychoanalysis’, and ‘The Principle of Insufficiency’. Supplemented by the timely involvement of Professor David Scott, the colloquium helped to shape arguments, draw out connections, and situate research projects on the forefront of research in their fields.