Qadri Ismail

No-25-CHR_Events_Visiting-lecturers-2013_Qadri-Ismail_No-25Qadri Ismail is associate professor of English at the University of Minnesota, USA, and has also been a journalist in Sri Lanka. His areas of speciality include cultural studies, postcolonial literature, literary theory, gender/sexuality, historiography, democracy, human rights, the enlightenment, the British 19th century and cricket. Ismail’s publications include (Not) at Home in (Hindu) India: Shahid Amin, Dipesh Chakrabarty and the Critique of History (2008); Abiding by Sri Lanka: On Peace, Place and Postcoloniality (2005); Towards a Critique of Anthropology (2004); Something Like a Response to 9/11 (2002); Speaking to Sri Lanka (2001); Discipline and Colony: The English Patient and the Crow’s Nest of Post-Coloniality (1999); and Batting Against the Break: On Cricket, Nationalism and the Swashbuckling Sri Lankans (1999). Professor Ismail attended the 2013 CHR Winter School in Paarl, outside Cape Town.