Skillie die Skilpad
Barrydale Annual Parade and Performance
Qhawe, a Xhosa Fairytale

The CHR’s artist-in-residence programme has been integral in bringing Mthombeni into contact with aspiring art-makers and performers around the Western Cape. Mthombeni observes that, “it has only been one year, but we have begun to have an impact on the lives of young people. We use the imagination as a way to seed self-worth and motivation towards a different life. The communal experience of theatre-making is a powerful way for communities to address issues of segregation and social apathy… inspiring young people to be leaders and creative thinkers.”
Mthombeni’s current residency portfolio includes:

  1. Skillie die Skilpad (children’s show), produced in conjunction with Handspring Trust and Magpie Art Collective
  2. The Barrydale Annual Parade and Performance, produced in conjunction with Handspring Trust and Barrydale’s Net Vir Pret and Magpie Art Collective (2013 & 2014)
  3. Brave, a newly completed play, produced in conjunction with the Royal Court Theatre in London
  4. Qhawe, a professional production written for, and performed by, Ukwanda Puppet & Design Company (formerly Masiphumelele Youth Development Theatre Group)

The CHR in the time of a global pandemic

In line with protocols introduced by government towards the prevention and containment of the COVID-19 virus, the CHR suspended its public events, seminars, and general fellowship program until further notice.  We wish CHR fellows, students, artists, colleagues and friends, as well as our partners and funders in South Africa and across the world much strength and compassion in these difficult times.


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