Convening the Factory of the Arts

The Factory of the Arts provides a platform for artists in residence to practice and create autonomously and to create new spaces for interdisciplinary collaboration. Artists in residence are funded through fellowships from the National Institute for Humanities Research, the DST-NRF Flagship on Critical Thought in African Humanities and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

The vision is to nurture critical arts education and bring artistic activity back to areas in which the arts and arts education have been neglected. The work of the Factory of the Arts is convened by playwright and theatre director Itumeleng Wa Lehulere.

As an initiative of The Centre for Humanities Research, the Factory of the Arts supports and facilitates these practices and collaborations in order to establish a lively laboratory of experimentation and imagining which places aesthetics at the centre of the question of who we are and what we are for in postapartheid South Africa.

The Factory of the Arts is a space that exists on the edge of the city of Cape Town, between changing worlds, and at the cusp of a new artistic community. It constitutes a community of artists that exist apart from the main commercial structures of the broader Cape Town scene; an inevitable emergence of thinkers and creators unencumbered by the pressures of the market that shapes so much of the art world. We also exist as a caveat to the unregulated gentrification of the city.

–  Itumeleng Wa Lehulere

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