The overall objectives of the CHR’s Centre for Critical Thought in African Humanities (DOCCTAH) are to:

  • Develop a humanities hub, or node, on the Cape Flats, incorporating academic research and teaching
  • Develop partnerships across and between institutions, particularly universities, schools, public arts projects, museums, archives and art galleries
  • Develop synergy between academic scholarship and cultural production
  • Nurture future generations of humanities educators and cultural practitioners
  • Extend the reach of local and international humanities scholarship, and opportunities for arts education and cultural production, into communities on the Cape Flats
  • Elaborate and expand ideas and perspectives about the postapartheid by being alert to global currents of thought, debates and cultural practice
  • Facilitate the exploration of the human condition in the postapartheid
  • Build a humanities discourse that is responsive to nurturing non-racialism
  • Explore the relationship between the human and technology in our contemporary world, especially as this relates to rapidly transforming notions of society and politics