Phokeng Setai

Current Fellows: Sociology Department, PhD

Phokeng Setai is a Ph.D. candidate, whose research interests lay within the domain of creative arts, particularly the visual arts. He obtained his Master’s degree in Sociology at the University of the Free State, which he completed under a program called: The Narrative Study of Lives. For his Ph.D. he is looking at the emergence of artistic collectives and the modes of production within this collaborative dynamic. Phokeng is also fascinated with questions around the aesthetics of experimentation within self-organized spaces and the creative products that materialize when artists and curators and other practitioners come together outside of predetermined structures, definitions, contexts, or forms.

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CHR’s Phokeng in Curatorial Intensive Residency in Dakar

Between the months of March and May 2019, Phokeng Setai participated in a curatorial intensive residency program with the Raw Material Company in Dakar, Senegal. During this program curatorial practices were discussed in their many variations – from the early beginnings of the practice to its current formulations.

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