Medina Moosa

Current Fellows: History Department, MA

The primary aim of my intended research is to look at the religious cohabitation and co-existence in Cape Town as standing as an advocate and model to global debates on Islamophobia. South Africa on the whole has stood as a model for racial diversity for the past 20 years, however research on the existence of religious cohabitation seems almost invisible. The research would analyse various points at which religious co-existence may stand as advocate to global Islamophobia debates as well as areas in which it may intersect the debates. There is also the desire to look at whether during Apartheid, a time when racial segregation was at its highest; religious co-existence and cohabitation could have been stronger than what it may be today during a democratic and racially diverse era? Overall, there would be an aim to analyse whether the rise in global Islamopobia over the past 20 years has affected the religious cohabitation that may have been strongly present in the Cape.