2017 Barrydale Festival

The Laboratory of Kinetic Objects (LoKO) is engaged with practical as well as theoretical engagements. This dual orientation is integral to the conception of LoKO which is a context within which material practice and intellectual endeavour are mutually informing.

The substantial focus of LoKO at the end of each year is the annual Barrydale Puppetry Parade. On 17th December 2017 the performance will explore the complex question of rhinoceros conservation.  The creative team from uKwanda (the puppeteers who are artists in residence at the CHR in association with LoKO) together with the several members of Net Ver Pret, (the arts education initiative in Barrydale) as well as the Chair, recently visited a rhinoceros sanctuary in a regional nature reserve in order to conduct research, both on the embodiment of the rhino (for performance purposes) and on the economics and politics of rhino poaching. The visit was facilitated through the ongoing relationship between LoKO and Net Ver Pret; and several of the Barrydale mentors joined the group of researchers.


This year the links between the Barrydale Parade and the Factory of the Arts has been strengthened, with several of our resident artists as well as Fellows from the CHR due to visit Barrydale in the coming month to help with the training of the young puppeteers. They will be engaged in the transfer of creative competence in music and in theatre arts.

Several colleagues from the University of Toronto will be visiting in December in order to observe the Barrydale project in its latest iteration. One of our previous visitors to Barrydale, (Glynn Bartlett, a colleague from U of California, Berkeley) recently launched an online funding initiative in order to support the creative work done in Barrydale). Anyone wishing to contribute to the funding initiative can do so by Googling ‘gofundme Barrydale’. Visitors wishing to visit the parade to observe the work ongoing should consider staying overnight on the 17th December  in the village.